• Project documentation (conceptual design, preliminary design, detailed design, implementation design, built design, renovation projects, rehabilitation, reconstruction, interior) for all types of buildings:
    • Technical control of projects
    • 3d visualization of objects and interiors
    • Professional supervision in performing all types of work
    • Consulting and engineering

    DESIGN AND PERFORMANCE on a "turnkey":

    • Membrane structures (covering of the summer garden, roof terrace and markets, exhibition and sales pavilions, open auditorium, ...).
    • Easy assembly sports hall (with wooden or steel frame, pneumatic hall) for all sports.
    • Production and storage facility in the system of memrane structure under Structural
    • Light agricultural facilities (warehouses, garages machinery, stables, manege, ponds, ...) with consulting.
    • Biogas plants of various capacities with the previous analysis of cost-effectiveness.
    • Performance waterproofing flat roofs and terraces PVC membrane, and synthetic geomembrane installation (with artificial lakes and reservoirs, landfills ...)
    • Making truck covers all types and colors
    • Sales of various types of PVC membranes and fittings for installation


• Replacement, repair, reparation and rehabilitation of PVC membrane
• Special washing detergents
• Replacement of fittings, and accessories
• Assembly and disassembly
• Periodic inspection and maintenance of facilities with a PVC membrane.