Benefits of textile architecture:

• Quick installation – installation
• Lower price substructure, foundations, etc..
• Low specific weight
• Transparency
• Large spans
• Aesthetic and formal unsurpassed
• Energy efficient

Name of the textile architecture is inherited follow historical development of these construction.At first it was applied natural leather goods, textiles, etc, so contemporary materials look very different.
Primary property is their specific low weight and ability to transmit very high loads, and to create any shape.It is characterized by features like transparency, fire resistance, color, UV protection . Today these materials expert(professional)called membranes, and these structure-membrane structure, tent structures or constructions. According to the diversity of applications and technology, there are a number of different membranes, some of them are made especially for specific structure.

Membrane structures are often a combination of membrane with other materials. It is possible to see very often in combination with wooden and steel elements, but also with the concrete, glass, polycarbonate, and almost every other building materials.