Geomembrane is a kind of synthetic membranes, basically made of PVC and reinforced with polyester fabric. In addition to the basic features of waterproof, these membranes are highly resistant to temperature changes and have a large temperature range (-30 to +70 ºC).
The most common application of geomembranes:
• for coating various reservoirs (drinking water, industrial water, water for irrigation ...)
• prevent the spread of pollution that cause landfill
• Wrapping artificial lake .....

PVC waterproofing membrane

This waterproofing system is based on fully synthetic adhesive waterproof membrane. This type of membrane is made on the basis of PVC, reinforced with polyester fabric. Membrane in places overlap mechanically fixed, and then digested with hot air.
• The most common applications:isolation of flat roofs
• waterproofing terrace

The characteristics of this type of insulation:

• Easily adapts to any shape of roof, corners, skylights, penetrations vents, chimneys ....
• applicable to any roof pitch
• low weight
• quick installation