Facilities covered by PVC membrane are widely used in agriculture as they provide a quick and cost-effective solutions. Due to the spacious interior and high altitude have easy access, easy navigation, input and output, with use of machinery and so on. White PVC membrane allows natural light so there is no need to use artificial lighting during the day. These buildings are energy efficient because they stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Natural light and ventilation reduce the appearance of condensation, bacteria, mold, etc.. They are easy to keep clean. PVC membrane reduces external noise and provides a quiet working environment. They can easily be moved or expand depending on needs.
The most common applications:
• warehouses for storage (grain, hay, fertilizer, animal feed)
• Garages for storage of agricultural machinery and tools
• Stables for cattle
• Stables
• Manege
• Fish farms and hatcheries
• Greenhouses